Are you ready to use mindset, manifesting, and mindfulness to scale your soul-aligned business?

soulful digital entrepreneur summit

Learn how to create a more aligned, mindful, and profitable business LIVE on Zoom from 20 of the top experts online today.


Scarcity tactics + bro selling techniques? Nah, that's not your jam.


You're here to grow your business with ease, alignment, and flow based on what feels good to you.

What you really want is to...

  • Attract soulmate clients who are ready, willing, and able to pay

  • Maintain genuine connections with audience

  • Understand how to implement more flow into your biz

  • Let go of the tasks that don’t bring you joy

  • Feel connected to your work and own the power you have as an entrepreneur

  • Create lifestyle and financial freedom through your soul-aligned biz

You can totally have all of these things.

The best part: I’ve got something to help.

The Soulful Digital Entrepreneur Summit is all about aligning your business with your authentic self.

We believe business should be about making money while having a ton of fun. 


You're a total #boss and the world needs your message, your spirit, and your amazingly unique gifts. You are hyper aware of all of the slimy sales tactics that are being used by so many other course and membership creators, and you are committed to showing up for your audience without feeling like you need to take a shower afterwards.


But you also may be finding that having a highly impactful and high converting business is more challenging than you'd hope it'd be. Luckily, we've got 20 badass biz experts to help you sell with ease, authenticity, and joy, so you can focus on impacting your audience while creating a business you truly love working in.


Ready to create more impact with higher converting programs?

20 experts over 4 days will teach you strategies you can use to align your business and authentic self to attract & attain more business. 

Meet your host...

Adriane Galea

Adriane is a lifelong entrepreneur-turned-digital-entrepreneur who is on a mission to normalise women creating wealth through their business while having FUN (because if it's not joyful, it's not worth doing!). 


Adriane has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, The Guardian, Business Insider, and more for her out-of-the-box business practises which have led to exponential business growth and radically higher than average conversion rates. 


Adriane's passion is teaching and helping women create impactful, joyful, aligned, high converting digital learning businesses by using both masculine (strategy) and feminine (flow) energy as well as manifestation and human design. 

Get the summit deets


The Soulful Digital Entrepreneur Summit will run from May 17th-20th, 2021 with a variety of presentations to choose from each day.



The summit is totally online, so pants are optional 😉 With that being said, you can tune into the summit from anywhere with Internet access.



Most presentations run approximately 20 - 25 minutes in length with an additional 20 minutes of Q + A. All trainings will be conducted LIVE on Zoom and will then be available for 24 hours to encourage you to stop waiting for the right time and take action along with hundreds of other digital biz owners.



You’ll also have access to a private Facebook group for the summit where we’ll be partying it up before the summit starts and working together to create high impact, high converting digital products once it kicks off. Plus there will be a daily Soulful Networking Happy Hour to hang out with your new biz besties!



As an attendee you’ll have the chance to win prizes based on engagement, BINGO, and giveaways. In fact, entries are being awarded right now in the Facebook group. Come on in and join the fun!


After registering, you can also upgrade to gain access to the Profitable + Aligned VIP Pass. That means  you'll get lifetime access to presentations, transcripts, speaker bonuses, and group coaching every day during the summit. You won't want to miss it!

Not your average online summit

There are a lot of summits, trainings, and workshops out there. So what makes this one different?


First, this summit was created specifically for entrepreneurs who are soul driven and want to operate in energetic alignment in their business. This isn't general advice for any business out there. There will be less talk about strategy (although we will have a bit of that, too) and more on how to embody your inner badass femmepreneur self (while also making hella $$$). 

Meet the Speakers

Now for the part you’ve been waiting for. Here are the amazing speakers you’ll hear from at the Impactful Course Creator Summit.

Christine Michelle

Synergy: Magnetize your success

Learn more about how to magnetize your success through purpose, power, presence, play & synergy. There is no such thing as competition in the new earth economy.

Kristina del Corro

Mindful time: Making your time work for you instead of the other way around

Learn these mindful habits and tricks that will guide you as you make your time work FOR you instead of the other way around!

Renae Saager

Drop the shoulds + harness your inner CEO

Renae will be sharing how shoulds show up for business owners and why it actually stalls your process and repels your ideal client. She will leave you with one question you can begin asking yourself starting today to tap into your inner CEO.

M. Shannon Hernandez

Joyful Email Marketing: Crafting a monthly strategy that grows, nurtures, and creates sales from your email list

In this hands-on training, Shannon is going to walk you through a simple process for developing an email marketing strategy that gets the results you desire. Shannon will take you inside the email campaign framework that has earned her millions of dollars in sales to date. You might just be surprised by how much joy—and how much money—there can be made from heart-felt email marketing.

Adriane Galea

Energetics of Marketing: Using masculine + feminine energy in sales

In this session, learn how to implement energetic alignment into your marketing and sales systems, creating balance between masculine and feminine energy based on your energy preferences – then watch your business expand with ease!

Melissa Bates

Spiritual business expansion through light language

Melissa will help you to unlock new levels and begin to release limitations around your deepest desires. Dig deeper within the soul + heart alignment and learn how to apply it to your business!

Gennye Lion

Light activator, mentor and purpose visionary

Gennye supports women visionaries to unlock their fullest potential, balance body and mind, and balance life and business in a result to find soul success and achieve self mastery. Gennye does this through group mentorship programs, teaching courses, 1:1 private mentorship and her membership Connected Soul Club and Mentorship Business Success the Energetic Way. 

Dominique Dyson

The importance of your social identity & diversity, equity and inclusion

As we build our businesses, it's easy to get caught up in the details of things like branding, marketing, obtaining clients etc. However, what tends to be put on the back burner is that of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). By constructing a business that incorporates the principles and strategies of DEI, the business will be more ethical, sustainable, and more profitable long term. 

Dr. Lee Cordell

The pleasure of business: Joyfully scaling your biz

Dr. Cordell will take you on a journey to grow your business from a place of pleasure and ease, rather than just a place of hustle. When you realize you aren't broken, and learn to be where your hands are and experience life in the moment in a calm, relaxed body, it allows you to do your best work through living your true passion and purpose! 

Janna Holterman

From burnout to badass: Eliminating exhaustion and overwhelm

Janna will go through the brain science behind burnout to show you how it has happened and what you can do to overcome and prevent it. She will show you how to recognize your skill set and utilize it to create more fun and joy in your life. She will show you a proven model to help you create any result you want in your life including more joy, more free time and more money.

Emma Burgess

Manifesting success in your business

Your business responds to what you feel, think and do. You get a reflection of what you are in alignment with. When you shift your point of attraction to align with what you want to see, your business starts to change. In this presentation, Emma will help you understand your point of attraction and start to shift it to create more success in your business.

Melissa Fino

Becoming a badass super attractor in your business

Discover the four archetypes of becoming a badass entrepreneur so that you can attract the clients, income, and IMPACT that you desire. My training will take you from COMFORTABLE AF in your business to CONFIDENT BUSINESS BADASS.

Yaya Reed

Don't let your self-worth determine your net worth

How “worthy” or valuable do you believe you are? Having a low view of yourself can not only weaken your confidence but also how you show up in business. Learn how you can boost your self-worth so that it does not determine your net worth!

Alice Nettleingham

How to soulfully sell without sleaze 

Feeling icky selling your services? Want to feel amazing and authentic as you easily charge your worth? I'll show you my step-by-step sales process and help you crack those money mind blocks holding you back!

As you can see by this incredible lineup, you are *not* going to want to miss this event.

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